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2010-07-21 17:25

cablesWhy pure ingredients? Because the signature "made with pure ingredients" in every creation of our's , causes smiles, and because this is the way we build our applications . From Lightweight , open source software that we use as a base to develop applications , that you and your business can rely upon.

powered byCan you be more specific? We mainly use python as our main programming language , our servers run linux , and we have built most of our web applications on top of apache , mod_python , postgresql and cheetah templates. We believe the above, and the philosophy that governs them, are really "pure ingredients",and combined with our passion and experience, are the basis for creating great software.

uptimeWhat can you make? Normally we can develop any kind of application that includes human - computer interaction , manipulation of data , and appliance of a logic. We like building web applications and prefer clean , simple  interfaces. We have developed madpy, a custom cms that we use as a base to build custom web software. We can provide you with a cms and build on top of it applications that will run your business process. 

eclipseSome examples?

  • Web content management systems. We analyze your business needs and tailor you with a cms that you can use to efficiently communicate with your customers. For example if your business is a hotel , you will create rooms for your booking system , photos from your hotel, pages , news to keep your customers in touch, and so on . If you are company that sells houses we will provide you with special content types so that you will be able to totally present your product. For example you will be able to create new houses in your CMS , attach photos of them , architectural plans ,their location via  google maps and other characteristics of them.

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