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2010-07-21 17:25
Madpy is our content management system.
It is being developed  since 2006. It runs on top of apache , mod_python , postgresql and cheetah templates.
(update 2020 : Migrated madpy to run on top of mod_wsgi ,flask )
Some of it's features are:
  • Clean urls. You can use urls instead of traditional http parameters. E.g. : can be accessed as
  • Multilingual : Static text and messages can be translated and new languages can be added. Support for creating content in more than one languages. Automatic translation in content that you have not translated.
  • Themable : Look and feel can be changed in the whole site or in specific pages. Themes can be added by overriding the values you want in a css file.
  • Customizable : Specify which parts are shown like header and side portlets. Add or remove behaviors to content types like CommentsBehavior. Create your own parts , behaviors and content types and extend your installation.
  • Extendable : Create custom applications on top of madpy and take advantage of the already made functionality such as security, authorization , url to object mapping ,  and madata : an MVC like mechanism.
Madpy is already deployed in production sites and has grown with them  to support functionallity as web communities that provide blogging facilities, to hotel sites that few users can alter the content and guests can post messages on a guestbook.